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Use the template below for information to post to your Pentaho User Group Profile page on the wiki. You can post links to places your Group organizes online such as Pentaho LinkedIn Subgroup, Google groups, MeetUp page, your Group's blog, LinkedIn Page, etc. These are important for helping your Group communicate and also good places for people to learn more about your Group. We reserve the right to remove non-relevant links – please do not post links to promotional pages, commerce sites or an individual's blog, for example, as these aren't really what Pentaho Groups are all about.

  • Wiki MarkupName: Pentaho \ [area\] User Group
  • Region: global or local? North America, EMEA, APAC, South America
  • Location: City, State, URL
  • Profile: a brief description of your group: what are your user groups goals? Is your group just focused on Pentaho or Pentaho and other technologies? Why is your PUG important? Who is in your PUG?
  • Contact: the Pentaho usernames of the people who organize the group, who someone can contact if they want more info
  • To Join: you must include instructions, like a contact person or link here to instruct people on how to join
  • Links: any sites your group has off Pentaho wiki – MeetUp Page? LinkedIN? Google Groups? Facebook Page? Blog?
  • Events: when do you meet and where? in person? how often? any sales or contests or in-person events coming up?
  • Add the keyword PUG to the labels so it will automatically show up in the list.
    Email when it is posted so we can add you to the PUG Leaders Group.