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  • Pay attention to the page title. Use a compact but descriptive title that is completely on-topic. Avoid "funny" or "witty" titles - you can do that on your blog if you like.
  • Start your post with a very small section that summarizes everything. Author(s), License, short description, and Kettle version info is the type of stuff I like to put there. This will enable a visitor to immediately decide if they actually need to read your contribution, and this should make both you and the visitor happy since none of us probably has time.
  • Describe your attachments. If you have files to share, a little section that explains exactly what each attachment does, perhaps with an extra download link, will greatly increase the chances of your stuff actually being downloaded. Many people won't magically understand they need to visit the attachement link in the sidebar to find the actual downloads, so if you can make it easier for the visitors, you will increase the value of your contribution.
  • If you want to elaborate on your solution, save that for the bottom part of your post. Even then, try not to turn this into the next blogging platform. Rather, write your blog or in-depth article on your own blog or magazine or whatever, and use hyperlinks to connect the kettle-exchange contribution to the real meaty content. 
  • If you have a whole bunch of related links to share, then it might be a good idea to conclude your contribution with a "See also" section where you list all the links worth visiting after reading your contribution.


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