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Spoon plugins provide developers the ability to add new or modify existing functionality of the Spoon UI. A Spoon plugin can modify any area that's been written in Pentaho XUL Xul Developer's Guide ('s+Guide). Below is a current list of areas written in XUL that can be modified:

  • Menu system
  • Toolbars
  • Agile BI
  • Database Explorer Dialog

Plugins can They can also provide whole new areas of funtionality to Spoon through the concept of a Spoon Perspective, which is not limited to XUL.

Attached to this wiki is a zip file containing an example Spoon Plugin, some of which you'll see below. In addition to a simple Hello World example, it also contains a more complex document-based Spoon Perspective.

Current Spoon Plugin Doc:

Developing Spoon Perspectives

Common Use Cases

The most common use case is to add new functionality to Spoon. However, user interface elements can be hidden, rearranged or have their behaviors changed by Spoon Plugins.


Code Block
titleSample Annotated Class
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
@SpoonPlugin(id = "SpoonExample", image = "")
public class HelloWorldSpoonPlugin implements SpoonPluginInterface {


Code Block
titleExample modifying the menusystem of spoon
  public void applyToContainer(String category, XulDomContainer container) throws XulException {
      container.addEventHandler(new HelloWorldPerspectiveHandler());

Plugin Area

Category ID

Spoon Menusystem and toolbar


Database Explorer Dialog


Job Toolbar


Transformation Toolbar


Repository Explorer


Providing New Prespectives to Spoon