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The Pentaho Big Data Plugin is built with Apache Ant and uses Apache Ivy for dependency management. YouAll you'll need to get started is Ant 1.8.0 or newer to build the project. The build scripts will download Ivy if you do not already have it installed.

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svn co svn:// pentaho-big-data-plugin
cd pentaho-big-data-plugin


If IvyDE is not an option then you can manually add the jars from lib/ and libswt/ to your class path. This project, like all other Pentaho projects, uses the open-source Subfloor Ant build framework. Running the following targets will create a .classpath with all the jars it resolvesconfigure the Eclipse project to reference the required libraries:

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ant resolve create-dot-classpath

Then import or refresh the project in Eclipse and add the SWT libraries for your architecture, e.g. for Mac OS X x64:
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