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Replace the current kettle-*.jar files with the ones from Kettle v5 or later.

Pentaho  Interactive Interactive Reporting

Interactive reporting runs off Pentaho Metadata so this advice also works there.

You need a BI Server that uses the PDI 5.0 jar files or you can use an older version and update the kettle-core, kettle-db and kettle-engine jar files in the /tomcat/webapps/pentaho/WEB-INF/lib/ folder

Pentaho Analyses (Mondrian): Analyzer / Saiku / JPivot

See Pentaho Interactive reporting: simply update the kettle-*.jar files in your Pentaho BI Server to get it to work. Image Added

Fun fact: Mondrian generates the following SQL for the report shown above:

Code Block

select "Service"."Category" as "c0", "Service"."Country" as "c1", sum("Service"."sales_amount") as "m0" from "Service" as "Service" group by "Service"."Category", "Service"."Country"


You can query a remote service transformation with any Kettle v5 or higher client.  You can query the service through the database explorer and the various database steps (for example the Table Input step).