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  • PDI with Agile BI plug-in on Ubuntu 12

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This page serves to explain the extra steps that must be taken in order to get the Agile BI plug-in for Pentaho Data Integration (version 4.4.0 or later) to work on Ubuntu 12 (both 32- and 64-bit).

1.  In Ubuntu, go to the Update Manager and select the Settings button.  On the next dialog, select both the Canonical-supported and Community-maintained checkboxes. Click the Close button on each dialog to exit Update Manager.

2.  Open a Terminal and type the following:

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sudo apt-get update

3.  Now type the following (and 'Y' when prompted) to install the library:

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sudo apt-get install libwebkitgtk-1.0-0

The necessary files are now installed, you should be able to run Spoon without getting SWT- or library-related errors.

Patching earlier versions

PDI versions before 4.4 need to be patched with both a new swt.jar file (replace libswt/linux/x86/swt.jar or libswt/linux/x86_64/swt.jar) and a new XUL-SWT bridge file in libext/pentaho/pentaho-xul-swt-3.3-SNAPSHOT.jar (remove any other pentaho-xul-swt jar files)