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Pentaho Coding Standards

Cross cutting coding standards for all modules of the Pentaho suite can be found on our github project, this includes configurations for the most popular IDEs.

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Plugin Architectures

Platform / BA Server Related

Scheduling and Background Execution in Pentaho User Console: Plugin Scheduling and Background Execution 

Intro for creating a REST service for the BA Server: How to create and register a new REST service from a plugin

Developing Plugins Developing Plugins

Kettle Related

Extending Kettle (Infocenter SDK)

UI Technologies



Pentaho ChartBeans Flash components, which are still used by Pentaho Dashboards and Action Sequences, are based on Open Flash Chart.  OFC4J is a Java to JSON converter that is used to generate the correct metadata for the charts on the server that is no longer maintained by the creator of the project.

Source Path: svn https://sourcegithub.pentaho.orgcom/svnroot/pentaho-commons/pentaho-ofc4j

Architectural Owner: Will Gorman


Architectural Area: Platform Services


This project is an abstraction layer that insulates the uses of Palo within the product so there is no compile time dependency, due to Palo's GPL licensing.


Kettle is a metadata-based data integration engine.  There are two runtimes, data transformation and job orchestration.  Kettle includes an SWT based designer called Spoon for design and execution, as well as a server called Carte for remote execution and command line tools for execution as well.

Source Location: svn

Architectural Owner: Matt Casters


Architectural Area: Platform Services

Related Architectural Documentation:


Weka is a suite of machine learning software written in Java.


Architectural Area: Data Management / Integration


The reporting plugin contains the elements necessary for executing Pentaho Reporting within the context of the platform.  Included is a thin- client report viewer based on CDF, and backend execution components for running and scheduling reports.


Architectural Area: Information Delivery

Architectural overview: DOC and PPT


The PDI plugin allows native execution of transformations and jobs within the BI Server.  At this time it is not bundled by default in the BI Server.