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These 2 transformations will be visible on Carte or in Spoon in the slave server monitor and can be tracked, sniff tested, paused and stopped just like any other transformation.  However, it will not be possible to restart them manually since both transformations are programatically linked.


For this example we open the "Getting Started Transformation" (see the sample/transformations folder of your PDI distribution) and configure a Data Service for the "Number Range" called "gst". (comparable to the screenshot above)

Then we can launch Carte or the Data Integration Server to execute a query against that new virtual database table:

Code Block

SELECT   dealsize, sum(sales) as total_sales, count(*) AS nr
FROM     gst
GROUP BY dealsize
HAVING   count(*) > 20
ORDER BY sum(sales) DESC

This query is being parsed by the server and a transformation is being generated to convert the service transformation data into the requested format: Image Added
The data which is being injected is originating from the service transformation: Image Added
So for each executed query you will see 2 transformations listed on the server.

The JDBC Client

The JDBC driver uses the following class: