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  • Status: Early Development
  • Roadmap: Being deployed to customers as part of Services engagement
  • Availability: Open Source - GitHub - Download the preview
  • Contact: dmoran or use "Add Comment" at bottom of page
  • JIRA: none Use the PDI JIRA project

Kettle for Storm empowers Pentaho ETL developers to process big data in real time using their existing visual Pentaho ETL transformations across a cluster of machines using Storm. It decomposes the transformation into a topology and wraps all steps in either a Storm Spout or a Bolt. The topology is then submitted to the cluster and runs continuously or until all inputs report end of data.


Instructions and code is available on GitHub. Download the preview build from our CI environment.

HortonWorks Sandbox VM Quick Start take an existing plain vanilla sandbox VM and add in Storm and Kettle-Storm stuff.

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