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  • Additional Configuration for MapR Shims

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1. Install, then verify that the MapR client is properly installed on your computer and is able to connect to and browse your MapR cluster. For more information on how to do this, visit the MapR site.
2. If you plan to use spoofing or impersonation to connect to the MapR client, specify the appropriate User ID (UID), Group ID (GID), and name as indicated in the MapR documentation(NOTE: Make sure that the account that you use for spoofing is created the client and on each node.  Each "spoofing" account should have the same UID and GID as the one on the client.)
3. Navigate to the MapR shim folder located in the hadoop-configurations folder that matches shim you previously configured, such as mapr31, mapr21 etc. These steps refer to that directory as maprXX