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Migrating to the new PhasedLifecycleManager was deemed to be too expensive, disruptive and risky for 6.0. Instead we decided to put it in-place between Kettle’s LifecycleSystem and the OSGI environment. This is done by adapting the Kettle events to phases set on the new manager.


Wiki MarkupThe PDI-OSGI-Bridge provides a “native” KettleLifecycleListener which instantiates a KettlePhasedLifecycleManager and adapts the init() and shutdown() events to phases. Anyone from the OSGI side should be adding a phaseListener to this manager instead of providing a legacy KettleLifecycleListener. \ [Link to Example Code\]

As you can see from the diagram, when onEnvironmentInit() is called from Kettle, the KettlePhasedLifecycleManager is advanced to the init phase (1). The call which made this phase change will block until all PhasedLifecycleListeners have accepted the phase change event.