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This section explains the XML that makes up an Action Sequence.  Even if you never, ever, ever want to see XML or have anything to do with it (I don't know why anyone would ever think such a thought),  there is still some valuable information in this section and it is worth reading or at least skimming.

In most cases the Design Studio will suffice for building Action Sequences. There are times, however, when you may need to work directly with the Action Sequence XML. Some examples of when you might need to edit the XML directly:

  • There is usually a time lag between when a new feature is added to the platform and when the Design Studio GUI is ready.
  • You may need to work around a Design Studio bug.
  • Sometimes the UI for a rarely used feature or special case property would be more confusing than editing the XML
  • Custom components or components that you create may not have a corresponding UI
  • Copying and pasting pieces from one Acton Sequence to another
  • If you are developing your own components you will need to understand the XML

Even when you do need to edit the XML directly, you can still use the Design Studio. Simply click on the XML Source tab and go. When switching off the XML Tab, the Action Sequence will be checked for valid XML and Action Sequence structure.

Custom components and components that the Design Studio does not understand will still be visible and editable in the Process Actions pane on the 2. Define Process tab. These components will be displayed with a generic UI that lets you edit inputs, outputs and resources and has a text box for editing the component XML.

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