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  • Using AJAX to Drive Dependent Report Parameters

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January 23, 2007
Submitted by Mike D'Amour, Pentaho Team Developer

A very common goal in dynamic reporting is to give the user the ability to specify some particular criteria to filter a report on, before the report data is queried for. These criteria are called parameters, and the Secure Filter Component in the Pentaho platform allows solution developers to achieve this goal. Taking the feature one step further, users many times would like to filter or choose a second set of criteria, based on the first parameter they chose. For instance, Jody manages the Western division of her company. The Western division has different products than the Eastern division. So the first parameter Jody would like to choose is the Western division. Based on that selection, Jody would like to see only Western division products. This is often called a master\slave relationship, where one set of slave data is dependent on a master set of related data.


  1. Using your favorite browser, navigate to the PCI demo homepage. If you installed the PCI locally and chose the default set up, that URL would be http://localhost:8080. If you changed any of the defaults, or installed to a different domain or port that URL will be slightly different. If you have any trouble finding the PCI home page, consult the Getting Started with the BI Platform documentation.
  2. From the PCI home page upper right corner, select Go | Solutions | Reporting Samples | Dependent Parameter Examples .
  3. From this page, select Dynamic Dependent Parameter Page. You should see a prompt for parameters, similar to the following screenshot:


There are several files in our dep-param directory, but the only ones that contribute to the workings of this feature (and that we will concern ourselves with here) are DependentParameterExample.xaction, PositionTitlesForDept.xaction, and DependentParameterTemplate.html. The rest of the files in the directory (if you aren't already familiar with Pentaho solutions) support externalizing your solution's strings for localization, and support the appearance of the solution within the PCI demo. To learn more about these support files in detail, you can browse some of our early tech tips, as well as the Internationalization documentation.

The DependentParameterExample.xaction is the main action sequence. In this action sequence, we set up the Secure Filter Component that will request a region and department from the user. Once the user has chosen the department, we will submit a request to the server to get the list of position titles for that department. Retrieving the department specific position titles happens via the PositionTitlesForDept.xaction. I will get in to details on how the second action sequence gets executed in a minute, but for right now its useful to understand that there is no reloading of the page or the Secure Filter Component when we retrieve the position titles,as that function is an AJAX call.