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  • Using AJAX to Drive Dependent Report Parameters

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  1. Open the DependentParameterTemplate.html file in the Design Studio. If you have any trouble opening the file, right click on it in the Navigator window, and select Open With => Text Editor.
  2. The first section of code we will look at in this template is the HTML inside the <form></form> tags.

    This HTML represents the boilerplate template code you would use to create a parameter page for the platform. The tags highlighted in red are the code needed to automatically build controls for each of the parameters we are expecting from the user: REGION, DEPARTMENT, POSITION TITLE. By specifying each input inside curly braces, you are telling the platform to replace these place holders with the values specified in the Secure Filter Component definition. The rest of the form should be left as is.
  3. The next bit of code we want to look at is the Javascript at the bottom of the page. This script will be executed once the template loads in the user's browser. The template is sent to the user's browser on execution of the Secure Filter Component in our action sequence, outlined above.
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