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  1. In the Pentaho Design Studio, select your solution path, right-click the folder, and select BI Platform > New Action Sequence.

  2. Enter the name for action sequence and select Create Analysis View and click Finish.
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  3. Select Analysis View under Process Actions.
  4. Modify the Data Model and Data Source parameters accordingly. The Data Model is the path location and XML file you saved in Step 1 under Publishing your Analysis Schema Model on the Pentaho Open BI Server. The Data Source is the JNDI name you used when creating your data source in section, Configuring your RDBMS JNDI data source on your application server.

  5. Save and test your Pentaho Analysis View using the URL with the appropriate solution= and path= directory names where you saved your .xaction and file.mondrian.xml files. You can use the TEST tab in Design Studio or copy and paste the URL into a browser.