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  • Executing Job or Transformation packaged in a zip file

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Mar 30, 2008
Submitted by Feris Thia, Pentaho Community Member

When we prefer to design and execute our job/transformation arranged in regular .kjb & .ktr files instead of repository, we usually faced with a couple of problems :


And since Kettle use Apache VFSfor all its file system manipulation process, we can take advantage of its ability to access zip file - which is a very popular compression format in several operating system.




Attached is the sample zip file which contains 1 job and 2 transformation files with very basic operation steps (Generate Rows), i. The files are e :

  1. transformation_1.ktr
  2. transformation_2.ktr
  3. job_1.ktr

In which job_1.kjb call transformation_1.ktr and transformation_2.ktr respectively (Screenshot below).
Zip all the 3 files, named it and put it under C:\ETL_PRODUCTION directory.

Execute with Pan / Kitchen

Goto your Kettle installation directory (KETTLE_HOME). Then execute the job/transformation You can refer to files inside the zipped package with the following URI format :


So, in our case if we want to execute transformation_1.ktr inside using Pan we do it with the following command :

No Format
pan pan /file:"zip://C:\ETL_PRODUCTION\!transformation_1.ktr"


Code Block
 pan -file="zip://C:\ETL_PRODUCTION\!transformation_1.ktr"


Code Block
kitchen /file:"zip://C:\ETL_PRODUCTION\!job_1.kjb"


Code Block
 kitchen -file="zip://C:\ETL_PRODUCTION\!job_1.kjb"