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  • Advanced Guide to MVC in Pentaho XUL Applications

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  * The Controller has two roles 1) setup bindings for view state and 2) handle UI events
public class FooController extends AbstractXulEventHandler {
	private FooViewModel fooViewModel;

	public FooController() {
		fooViewModel = new FooViewModel(); //FYI we prefer to inject the models via an IOC container, but for the sake of simplicity...

	// This is the name with which to register instances of this controller.  Typically we would set this, but for simplicity we hardcode it.
	public String getName() {
		return "fooController";  //this name should match event handler aliases in the XUL source file

	public void onLoad() {
		bind(fooViewModell, "name", "nameTextbox", "value");
		bind(fooViewModell, "okEnabled", "okButton", "!disabled");

	// The XUL framework will find and call this method when the Search button is clicked
	public void displaySearchDialog() {
		XulSearchDialog searchDialog = new XulSearchDialog();; //I wish launching a XulDialog were this easy! = searchDialog.getName();