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This document contains instructions and information that helps you evaluate Pentaho Analysis using your own data. This document should must be used with the current version of the Pentaho Open BI Suite, version 1.6. It is assumed that you are familiar with the Pentaho Design Studio and the Pentaho BI Platform.


This XML-based metadata structure can be created using a text editor, Pentaho Cube Designer, or the Schema Workbench. I have found the Schema Workbench to be the best tool for this task; however, there are some additional steps necessary to create the Pentaho Analysis View. This process will be made easier in future releases.


Pentaho Design Studio Software

This document adheres to is based on the following assumptions:

  • Oracle data is used in this example

    Note: When using Oracle JDBC data connections make sure you use "thin" not "oci" as in: jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1521:XE

  • There is one fact table and some dimension tables
  • References provide supplementation when additional information may be necessary
  • The Java application server being used is Tomcat
  • Your application server and the way Java JNDI data sources are configured may vary
  • Java 1.5 must be used for the Schema Workbench to run

Creating a Pentaho Analysis View Using the Schema Workbench


  1. Configure your RDBMS JNDI data source for your Java application server so that the Pentaho BI Platform accesses the desired data.
  2. Create your Pentaho Analysis Schema Model using Schema Workbench
  3. Publish your Pentaho Analysis Schema Model to the Pentaho BI Server
  4. Create the Pentaho Analysis View Action Sequence
  5. Execute the Pentaho Analysis view using a Web browser

Configuring your RDBMS JNDI data source on your application server


  • Other: Refer to your Java application server's documentation on how to configure JNDI datasourcesdata sources

Creating your Pentaho Analysis Schema Using the Schema Workbench