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  • Making Pentaho Development Easier with Eclipse Build Natures

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  1. Right-click on the project in Eclipse and choose P+r+operties on the context menu.
  2. In the left panel, select Builders.
  3. In the right-panel, select +N+ew...
  4. Select Ant Build and click the OK button
  5. Fill out the tabbed dialog with information as follows:
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    • Name Field - set the name to something meaningful. I suggest, when the project has the common_build.xml, using the name Common Ant Builder. Otherwise, you may wish a name that reflects the project like "API Ant Builder".
    • Main Tab
      • You can select the build file using Browse Workspace, but what gets put in is a hard-coded file reference. Instead, it's better to use variables and set it manually. This is important if the file will be checked into SVN. As an example, use ${project_loc}/common_build.xml or ${project_loc}/build.xml if there's no common_build.xml.
      • In the Base Directory field, instead of the hard-coded project location, change the field to say ${project_loc}.
    • Refresh Tab
      • Select the check-box "Refresh resources upon completion."
      • Select the "The project containing the selected resource
    • Targets Tab
      • For the After a "Clean" box, choose the publish-local target.
      • For the Manual Build box, choose the publish-local target
      • For the During a Clean box, choose the clean-dist and clean-jars targets