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(minus) Important: This The content on this page is currently under construction. not complete. The community is actively encouraged to add to, edit, and improve this document. Installation and configuration instructions are documented for Release Candidate 2.0.0.


Opening the Installation Zip File
Opening the Installation Zip File

The, (.tar or .gz), file contains all the libraries and script files necessary to run the console. The file is available on Sourceforge. To install the console, unzip this file into an empty directory.


Note: The message Address already in use: JVM_Bind as the console starts, indicates that another program is using the port required by the The Pentaho Administration Console (8099). This port is currently not configurable.

Note 2: The username / password combination for a fresh installation is 'admin' / 'password'. The login details are stored in 'pentaho_dir/administration-console/resource/config/'. See Configuring Security for more information.

Stopping the Pentaho Administration Console