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This In order to deploy the Pentaho BI Platforn, you must first have a J2EE-compliant archive file that contains all of the files and resources for the platform. If you are using JBoss or Tomcat as your application server, this guide will help you with installing the Pentaho Server software in configurations beyond the pre-configured install.


The Pre-Configured Installation is a complete server installation designed to allow you to evaluate the features of the Pentaho BI Platform. It includes a pre-configured application server/web server, pre-configured and pre-populated application databases, sample data, and fully-functional samples. There is a version of the preconfigured-install that includes a JRE (Windows only) as well.


build the archive. If you are using a different application server, you will need to write your own Ant task to build the archive you want, and add the configuration files that are specific to your application server.

We would be happy to incorporate your application server's Ant task back into the bundle should you wish to contribute it. See the details about contributing to Pentaho at

Pentaho has a pre-configured JBoss application server available with everything already set up and deployed for you. We recommend the Pre-Configured Installation (PCI) to anyone who is looking to get up and running quickly with minimal effort. This guide provides an alternative for people who want to setup the platform in their own environment.