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Adhoc Reporting's user interface is internationalized to support users whose preferred language is not English. If you would like to localize Adhoc Reporting for your preferred locale, follow these steps:

  • Identify the language subtag for your locale. For instance, the subtag for French is fr, ths subtag for Canadian French is fr-CA. Click here for help interpretting the subtag registry.
  • In the BI platform code, create the appropriate language sub-folder under the root folder for the resource bundle.
    Adhoc Reporting has 2 JavaScript resource bundles to support localization of application text. Each resource bundle contains one or more files, one file for each supported language. The file name containing localized strings is always "message_strings.js". The root folders for the 2 resource bundles are:
    1. /pentaho/server/pentaho/webapp/adhoc/js/common/ui/messages
    2. /pentaho/server/pentaho/webapp/adhoc/js/ui/messages
      Resource bundle #1 (with common in the path) is for localized text in the JavaScript code under /pentaho/server/pentaho/webapp/adhoc/js/common/ui/messages.
      Likewise resource bundle #2 is for text in JavaScript code under /pentaho/server/pentaho/webapp/adhoc/js/ui/messages.
      The language specific folders always go under the <root folder>/nls.
      For instance, if you are localizing resource bundle #2 for French, you would create this folder:
      Similarly, if you are localizing for Canadian French, you would create this folder:
  • Make a copy of this file:
    <root folder>/nls/message_strings.js
    And place it in the language sub-folder that was created in the previous step. You should now have this file in your copy of the BI platform:
    <root folder>/nls/fr/message_strings.js
  • Edit this file and translate the text from English to your preferred language.
  • NOTE: the resolution of a string in the resource bundle is from most specific to least specific locale. In the example of the fr-CA locale, the string resolution code first looks for a particular string in .../nls/fr-CA/message_strings.js. If the string is not found there, then it looks in .../nls/fr/message_strings.js. If the string is not found there, then it looks in .../nls/message_strings.js. This implies that if a particular string translation is the same in Canadian French is it is in French in general, that string does not need to be defined in fr-CA/messages.js, since it will be found in .../nls/fr/message_strings.js.

We encourage members of the Pentaho Community to participate in the localization of Adhoc Reporting and the BI platform, and contribute your localization work back to the Pentaho Community.

You may find it useful to download and run Quick Locale Switcher, which is a useful add-on for changing Firefox's language settings while debugging your localization code.