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h1. The Pentaho Metadata Domain

A domain is defined as:

{multi-excerpt-include:pageTitle=00. Metadata Terminology|name=Domain|nopanel=true}\\
This page gets you started creating your first domain in the Pentaho Metadata Editor. If you are not familiar with the Pentaho metadata terminology or concepts, you may want to review the [metadata model overview|01. Metadata Business Model Overview] and [metadata terminology|00. Metadata Terminology] pages.

h2. Creating a New Domain

When you have first launched the Pentaho Metadata Editor, a new domain has been created for you by default. You can immediate begin adding connections, tables, columns, etc.

If you wish to start fresh with a new domain, select *File...* \| *New...* \| *Domain File...* from the main menu.
\\  !metadata_new_domain.png|align=center!\\
Follow the links below to take the next steps, or read on for more details about domains.

h2. Saving Your Domain

Saving a domain results in storing the business models, connections and other metadata you've constructed, into a metadata repository. Pentaho metadata is stored in a repository in a [CWM|00. Metadata Terminology#CWM] compliant format.

To save your domain:
# From the main menu, select *File...* \| *Save*, or *Save As...*
# You will be prompted to enter a name for your domain. Enter a suitable domain name. Since this guide will be demonstrating building a model for the Pentaho Steel Wheels samples, I will name my domain "Steel Wheels".
\\  !metadata_save_domain.png|align=center!\\
# You should see a few progress messages, and your domain is saved.

h2. Opening a Domain

Once you have created more than one domain, you will want to be able to open a different domain. The Pentaho metadata Editor can have only one domain active at a time.

To open a previously saved domain:
# From the main menu, select *File...* \| *Open*.
# You will be prompted with the list of domains saved in the metadata repository. Select the name of the domain you wish to open and click *OK*.

h2. Deleting a Domain

To delete a previously saved domain from the metadata repository:
# From the main menu, select *File...* \| *Delete Domain*.
# You will be prompted with the list of domains saved in the metadata repository. Select the name of the domain you wish to delete and click *OK*.
# You will be prompted with a dialog to confirm your choice to delete the domain. Click *Yes*, and the domain will be deleted.
{note:title=Delete is Permanent}Once you delete a domain, your metadata is gone forever. So exercise caution when using delete\!