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Title: Pentaho Data Integration Steps  
Author: user-dc351 Sep 21, 2007
Last Changed by: user-533eb Dec 04, 2018
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Pentaho Data Integration (3)
    Page: Getting Started
    Page: .09 Transformation Steps
    Home page: Latest Pentaho Data Integration (aka Kettle) Documentation
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    Home page: Latest Pentaho Data Integration (aka Kettle) Documentation
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    Page: Closure Generator
    Page: Data Validator
    Page: Excel Input Step
    Page: Switch-Case
    Page: XML Join
    Page: Metadata Structure
    Page: Add XML
    Page: Text File Output (Deprecated)
    Page: Generate Random Value
    Page: Text File Input
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Pentaho Data Integration (232)     Page: Regex Evaluation
    Page: Property Input
    Page: Mail (step)
    Page: Add Constants
    Page: Row Normaliser
    Page: RSS Output
    Page: Palo Cell Output (Deprecated)
    Page: Call Endpoint
    Page: Check if webservice is available
    Page: Palo Dimension Input (Deprecated)
    Page: JMS Consumer (Deprecated)
    Page: Example plugin (Transformation Step)
    Page: Cassandra Input
    Page: Text File Input
    Page: SSTable Output
    Page: Split field to rows
    Page: OpenERP Object Input (Deprecated)
    Page: JMS Producer (Deprecated)
    Page: RSS Input
    Page: Blocking step
    Page: Transformation Executor
    Page: Prioritize streams
    Page: JSON output
    Page: Serialize to file
    Page: Split Fields
    Page: Mondrian Input
    Page: Streaming XML Input
    Page: XML Input
    Page: String operations
    Page: Switch-Case
    Page: Filter Rows
    Page: SAP HANA Bulk Loader
    Page: Socket writer
    Page: Salesforce Upsert
    Page: Add XML
    Page: GZIP CSV Input
    Page: HL7 Input
    Page: Symmetric Cryptography
    Page: OpenERP Object Delete (Deprecated)
    Page: Teradata TPT Insert Upsert Bulk Loader
    Page: HBase Row Decoder
    Page: Salesforce Delete
    Page: Email Messages Input
    Page: Execute a process
    Page: XBase Input
    Page: Yaml Input
    Page: Greenplum Load
    Page: Reservoir Sampling
    Page: MonetDB Agile Mart
    Page: Sorted Merge
    Page: Rule Accumulator
    Page: Stream Lookup
    Page: Salesforce Insert
    Page: Dummy (do nothing)
    Page: Table Input
    Page: OLAP Input
    Page: Execute SQL script
    Page: Avro Output
    Page: MySQL Bulk Loader
    Page: Clone row
    Page: LDIF Input
    Page: MongoDB Input
    Page: Knowledge Flow
    Page: Insert - Update
    Page: Set Session Variables
    Page: Get Files Rows Count
    Page: If field value is null
    Page: LDAP Output
    Page: Dynamic SQL row
    Page: S3 File Output
    Page: Row denormaliser
    Page: Mapping Output
    Page: Get table names
    Page: Get previous row fields
    Page: Metadata Structure of Stream
    Page: Set field value
    Page: Output Steps Metrics
    Page: Call DB Procedure
    Page: Table Compare
    Page: Closure Generator
    Page: Java Filter
    Page: Get File Names
    Page: Merge rows
    Page: Identify last row in a stream
    Page: Multiway Merge Join
    Page: Check if a column exists
    Page: SQL File Output
    Page: LucidDB Streaming Loader (Deprecated)
    Page: XML Input Stream (StAX)
    Page: Delay row
    Page: Access Output
    Page: LucidDB bulk loader
    Page: Microsoft Excel Writer
    Page: Splunk Input
    Page: Unique Rows (HashSet)
    Page: SAP Input (Deprecated)
    Page: Generate Random Value
    Page: Flattener
    Page: Change file encoding
    Page: Run SSH commands
    Page: Salesforce Update
    Page: Job Executor
    Page: Teradata Fastload Bulk Loader
    Page: Simple Mapping
    Page: HBase Input
    Page: LDAP Input
    Page: HTTP Client
    Page: Write to log (step)
    Page: Send message to Syslog
    Page: Oracle Bulk Loader
    Page: Append streams
    Page: Infobright Loader
    Page: Get ID from Slave Server
    Page: Edi to XML
    Page: Value Mapper
    Page: Replace in String
    Page: Text File Output (Deprecated)
    Page: ESRI Shapefile Reader
    Page: ElasticSearch Bulk Insert
    Page: Vertica Bulk Loader
    Page: Join Rows (Cartesian product)
    Page: Splunk Output
    Page: Execute row SQL script
    Page: XSL Transformation
    Page: Mail Validator
    Page: Hadoop File Output
    Page: Get files from result
    Page: R script executor
    Page: Table Output
    Page: Delete
    Page: Web services lookup
    Page: Hadoop File Input
    Page: Dimension Lookup-Update
    Page: CSV File Input
    Page: Google Analytics
    Page: Block this step until steps finish
    Page: CouchDB Input
    Page: Get SubFolder names
    Page: Load file content in memory
    Page: Sort rows
    Page: File exists
    Page: Palo Dimension Output (Deprecated)
    Page: Data Grid
    Page: Combination lookup-update
    Page: User Defined Java Class
    Page: Analytic Query
    Page: Rule Executor
    Page: Data Validator
    Page: Add a checksum
    Page: Select Values
    Page: S3 CSV Input
    Page: Aggregate Rows
    Page: Table Exists
    Page: ETL Metadata Injection
    Page: XSD Validator
    Page: JSON Input
    Page: Credit card validator
    Page: Excel Input (XLS, XLSX) including OpenOffice Workbooks (ODS)
    Page: Merge Join
    Page: Number range
    Page: Get System Info
    Page: MonetDB bulk loader
    Page: Set field value to a constant
    Page: Excel Output
    Page: Modified Java Script Value
    Page: Get rows from result
    Page: De-serialize from file
    Page: Zip file (step)
    Page: Secret Key Generator
    Page: SAS Input
    Page: Salesforce Input
    Page: HBase Output
    Page: Access Input
    Page: Concat Fields
    Page: Database Join
    Page: HTTP Post
    Page: Table Agile Mart
    Page: Generate random credit card numbers
    Page: Properties Output
    Page: Avro Input (Deprecated)
    Page: Null If
    Page: Automatic Documentation Output
    Page: Add sequence
    Page: Copy rows to result
    Page: Pentaho Reporting Output
    Page: Formula
    Page: Sample rows
    Page: Get Session Variables
    Page: Rest Client
    Page: User Defined Java Expression
    Page: ARFF Output
    Page: Memory Group by
    Page: XML Output
    Page: Get Data From XML
    Page: Update
    Page: Greenplum
    Page: Palo Cell Input (Deprecated)
    Page: Check if file is locked
    Page: SFTP Put
    Page: Single Threader
    Page: Detect empty stream
    Page: Socket reader
    Page: Unique Rows
    Page: Script
    Page: Cassandra Output
    Page: PostgreSQL Bulk Loader
    Page: Fuzzy match
    Page: Generate Rows
    Page: Calculator
    Page: Strings cut
    Page: IBM Websphere MQ Producer (Deprecated)
    Page: Fixed File Input
    Page: Set files in result
    Page: Synchronize after merge
    Page: MapReduce Output
    Page: Injector
    Page: XML Join
    Page: Mapping
    Page: Add value fields changing sequence
    Page: Database lookup
    Page: Get repository names
    Page: Mapping Input
    Page: Set Variables
    Page: MongoDB Output
    Page: OpenERP Object Output (Deprecated)
    Page: Process files
    Page: Group By
    Page: Google Docs Input
    Page: MapReduce Input
    Page: Get Variable
    Page: IBM Websphere MQ Consumer (Deprecated)
    Page: Ingres VectorWise Bulk Loader
Pentaho Data Mining (1)     Page: Using the Univariate Statistics Plugin