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If you are in a situation where the community person you are working with just is not suited for the task that they have taken on, stop!

It is not our intent to mentor people through their first Java program nor explain the complexities of OLAP. You can politely tell the community member to back up and either document requirements for the task so another (more capable) community or team member will have detailed specs when they pick up the project, or contribute documentation on currently implemented features. If you have to ask a community member to abandon an effort, please do so with a redirect to something else they can help with.

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  1. user-82926

    In the situation where someone has bitten off more than they can chew, it is useful to have on hand a collection of resources to help them get up to speed. Kind of like "prerequisite college courses". A collection of general Java, Tomcat/JBoss, OLAP, BI, ETL and reporting resources to help people get up to speed is very useful. Some stuff that comes to mind is Javaranch, the Tomcat examples, the Mulesource Tomcat documentation (which is fabulous!), the MySQL website (and an equivalent, if it exists, for other database back-ends), general "how J2EE works" docs explaining beans, contexts, connectors, datasources, servlets, taglibs, etc, and some general "How BI works, and what it's supposed to be used for" documentation (which, as far as I can tell, does not exist anywhere, not even in Wikipedia).

  2. user-94768


    That is a great idea. Unfortunately like you pointed out, either it doesn't exist or is very hard to find. We do point to some resources on wikipedia on the Community wiki home page about OLAP, ETL etc. I'll put it on my TODO list to come up with a "Pentaho University" space or something similar and point to some articles. It may even get spur some of the hard core community people to "dump some knowledge"

  3. user-82926

    Hi Doug,

    Here are some references to information for prerequisites I found useful while getting started on Pentaho (on Ubuntu 10.04):

    Unfortunately for more complicated J2EE stuff and general BI architecture, I didn't find much easily accessible information, so there is still a lot I don't understand in Pentaho configuration. One small example: I don't understand why the connection to Hibernate is defined in 4 different places (applicationContext-spring-security-jdbc.xml,, mysql5.hibernate.cfg.xml, META-INF/context.xml), and I don't understand most of what's in web.xml (listener classes, servlet definitions - from memory I thought that this stuff was all in the code - are these convenience aliases?) and the various .xml files in pentaho-solutions/system.

    Hopefully this list of resources is a good start for helping newbies get over the hump & at least figure out how to get Pentaho CE installed.