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  • Jan 9, 2013 - What will be new in Kettle 5.0 – Matt Casters
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Matt Casters, Chief Architect of PDI/Kettle and Project Founder will talk about what's coming in Kettle 5.0.


  1. Architecture changes
  2. UI improvements
  3. Improved support for restartability
  4. Improved support for job iterations
  5. ...
  6. Other planned features


Slide Deck

What is new in Kettle 5 - WebEx - 20130109.pdf
What is new in Kettle 5 - WebEx - 20130109.ppt

see also the Product Management space for PDI 5.0


The right side of the recording is cut off on some versions of OSX. We are working to try to get it fixed. The recording is still useful even with this inconvenience.

The recording is now available on the WebEx service site. Click the link below to download or play it:

Pentaho Community Technical WebEx - Kettle 5.0
Wednesday, January 9, 2013 10:01 am EST (New York, GMT-05:00)
42 minutes