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  • 08. Configuring and Managing Locales (Internationalization)
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Pentaho metadata supports multilpe locale entries for any text or string based metadata proeprty. But first you must specify those locales that you wish to include in your model. To do this, you use the Pentaho Metadata Editor's Locales Editor.

Setting Up Locales in the Locales Editor

Today the Locales Editor is accessible from the main menu Tools, or from a tab next to the Editor Graph.

Under Construction

The Locales Editor tab is slated to go away in future UI revisions, so the Locales Editor will only be available from the Tools menu in the future.

  1. Switch to the Locales Editor.
  2. To add a new locale, place your cursor in the first column of the first empty row in the Locales Editor main table.

  3. In the first column, enter the Java locale code of the language that you wish to add.
  4. Tab over to the next column. Enter a short description for this locale.
  5. Next, specify the order in which you would like this locale to be used.
  6. And last, enter a Y in the last column to activate this locale, or an N to de-activate it.
  7. Click Apply Changes when you are done.
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