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People are going to want to know what's going on in the Sprint. A weekly demo works to allow outside but interested members to see and hear what's the current status.

Reviewing a project status application - JM 

Sprint Feature Backlog

The backlog will be publicly available on the project website. As contributions are accepted from community the Spring backlog needs to be updated. In addition to the typical Scrum information the Backlog needs to include a field that describes the extent to which an implemented feature has been hardened and accepted by the community. In order to get peer review and feedback on requirements and design the descriptions in the product back should include (or include references to) requirements and design documentation where possible.To be maintained in JIRA - re-work underway for improvements. As contributions are accepted from community the Spring backlog needs to be updated.


The scope of the Scrum Team will include the community as they will help provide peer review of the design, implementation, testing, documentation, usability feedback etc. If needed, (and possible) the designation 'Core Scrum Team' and 'Extended Scrum Team' may be used.

Identify who's on the team and what is their primary function? Ensure the team understands the Backlog and what are the primary features that are to be coded. Note any vacations or upcoming holiday's that might be a factor during the Sprint.

Also, establish rules of engagement for the team ie: Every developer will ensure that code is unit tested before being checking in. ie: see Daily Scrum Meetings.

Daily Scrum Meetings

The Core Scrum Team needs to synchronize frequently and the results of these interactions made public for the Extended Scrum Team. In the case of projects with full-time "committers" or commercial open source projects this should happen daily. In the case of solo or part-time core teams weekly or biweekly Scrums should be held. Scrum meetings can be held over instant messaging but work best face to face.

Establish the time and place for the daily Scrum meeting and if a dial in is required. The Scrum team is responsible for ensuring members are present. The ScrumMaster simply ensures the conversation stays focused and tracks and manages the blockers.

How To Contribute?

Add Community Links here - DM

Burn Down Charts

Use a chart that shows progress throughout a Sprint and ensure it is transparent to the extended team.

Development Process

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