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  • Dynamic Reporting using the ReportSpec API (work in progress)
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March 02, 2007
Submitted by Mike D'Amour, Pentaho Team Developer

This Tech Tip is still in work and not complete

Introduction and Background

  • growing need for dynamic reports (eg crosstab)
  • reference to nic guzaldo techtips
  • inline action-sequence based dynamic reporting
  • can be done in Java code in an embedded solution

Fully Dynamic vs. Programmatic

  • fully dynamic means the report will be generated without any knowledge of the data
  • programmatic means our use of the ReportSpec API is targeted at a specific batch of data (typically a fixed number of columns)

Dynamic Sample

  • include xaction XML along with detailed discussion

Programmatic Sample

  • include xaction XML along with detailed discussion

Embedded Reporting

  • assumption is that user already has jfreereport in an embedded environment
  • example snippet of Java code that can be used to dynamically generate a report definition
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