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  • Introduction to Pentaho Analysis Viewer (JPivot)
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This document has not been converted to WIKI format at this time, please download the attached PDF found here.

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  1. Anonymous

    It would be interesting to include in the pdf document on JPivot the corresponding "setting" tags that should be included in the component's xaction file. Somewhere on the Dashboard Wiki I found the settings for the charts, but no mention have a found of the tags that applie to the following:<cube-nav /><mdx-edit /><sort-conf /><level-style /><hide-spans /><properties /><non-empty /><swap-axes /><drill-member /><drill-position /><drill-replace /><drill-thru /><chart /><chart-conf /><print-conf /><print-pdf /><excel />Please also include the corresponding values for these (ie. activate <level-style>, disable the <level-style> button, etc.)

  2. Anonymous

    After some trial and error, at least I know how to set <level-style />; this should be:


  3. Anonymous

    Correction.... </level-style>on</level-style> is the correct option setting... I found out latter with further examples and testing....