In order to increase the amount of positive feedback that we get from our communities we are introducing a version checker.

For information on the benefits to the community and to the software of a version checker please read The Case For Positive Feedback

The Pre-Configured Installation (PCI) version 1.6.0 was the first package that included the version checker. Then followed version 3.0.1. of Pentaho Data Integration.  Our plan is to add the version checker to the design tools and the OLAP and Reporting engines in upcoming releases.


This is our charter for our version checker:


The version checker can be disabled using the standard configuration system:

The version checker can be removed entirely from the software without causing any degradation of any kind.

For information on how to configure the Version Checker in the Pentaho BI platform please read BI Platform Version Checker

No Discrimination

The data collected through the version checker will never be used to discriminate against any group, individual, or field of endeavor.


Data Transmitted

The data sent by the version checker to our server is described here.


The purpose of the version checker is to help focus the efforts of the community on the latest version of the software. This increases the number of contributions that are submitted and helps improve the functionality and stability of the software. 

The data from the version checker will provide us with more accurate data during the release cycle when estimating how many people are using the software and how hardened the new features are.

In addition data from the version checker will help us to plan and priotitize platform certifications, testing plans, and localization plans. 

Source Code

The source code for the version checker is available via an http interface into our subversion source code repository. Use these links to view the packages and code:

The source code that integrates the version checker into the Bi platform can be viewed using these links:


The data collected through the version checker will not be used in a manner that violates Pentaho's privacy policy.

James Dixon

Chief Geek, Pentaho