03/10/2008 - CDF video demonstration here

This project is the next step towards a developer friendly dashboard technology for the Pentaho BI Suite. The first step was a dashboard framework which was introduced by Ingo Klose in this article. Ingo's Article
The objective of this framework was mainly to firmly integrate dashboards in Pentaho's solution repository structure. The advantages were:

The new community dashboard project, initiated by Pedro Alves and Ingo Klose, builds on Ingo's framework and adds some new features while keeping a backward compatibility to the initial framework. The first version of this project will add the following features:

A new JavaScript library  is introduced that encapsulates the necessary code to build the dashboards on runtime, execute Pentaho action sequences and react to user input. Once this library is installed, together with the revised files already introduced in Ingo's framer work, the new dashboard syntax can be used while ensuring the backward compatibility for already implemented dashboards based on the old framework.This first version is only the first step on the journey to user and designer friendly dashboards, tightly integrated in the Pentaho BI suite.

You can find a video presentation of CDF here

Please feel free to contact us if you have any ideas or want to participate and contribute to this community project.

We opened a project on Google Code for the Community Dashboard Framework called pentaho-cdf.

Please enter all bugs and feature requests in the issues list.

You can get the code via subversion now.