Explorer: Preprocess

Explorer: Classify

Explorer: Cluster

Explorer: Associations

Explorer: Attribute Selection

Explorer: Visualize

Explorer: 3D Scatter Plot

Explorer: Association Rules Visualization

Explorer: Association Rules Visualization

Experimenter: Setup

Experimenter: Advanced Setup

Experimenter: Analyse

KnowledgeFlow: Batch Processing

KnowledgeFlow: Learning incrementally

KnowledgeFlow: Scoring using a PMML model


Learning Bayes Nets

Interactive decision tree construction

Interactive decision tree construction

Visualizing decision boundaries


Cost/Benefit analysis

KnowledgeFlow (Weka >= 3.7.4)

Time series forecasting plugin
(Weka >= 3.7.2)

R plugin (Weka >= 3.7.2).
Execute R scripts and capture

R plugin. Interactive console
and graphics captured from

R plugin. Execute and evaluate
R models just like Weka ones.