Bubble Chart

A bubble chart draws bubbles for each point in a series. The chart expects three values per bubble: the domain (commonly the X-axis) value, the range (commonly the y-axis) value, and a third value (the Z value) that determines the size of the bubble to draw around the point.

The size of the bubble is derived from an algorithm that takes the Z value, divides it by the maximum Z value in the dataset, then multiplies that number by the max-bubble-size property value. See the section on required properties below for more information on the max-bubble-size property.

Dataset Guidelines

This chart expects its data as an XYZ dataset.

Required Properties

The following properties are required:






The max-bubble-size property is defaulted to zero, so in order to see your bubbles, you'll need to set this property! The value should be between 1 and 100, as a percentage of smaller to larger.


The example below contains the full set of additional supported properties with comments on its purpose and valid values.  It is recommended that new users start with this example as a starting place for building your first flash chart.


The following chart definition will produce the chart in the example below.

	<!-- Define the chart type -->

	<!-- Specify the title of the chart -->
	<title>Chart Title</title>

	<!-- General Chart Attributes -->
	<!-- formatted label, using {0} - series name, {1} - x , {2} - y, {3} - z -->
	<bubble-label-content>{0}&#13;{1}&#32;In Stock&#13;{2}&#32;Ordered&#13;{3}&#32;Total Price</bubble-label-content>
	<bubble-label-z-format>$#,###</bubble-label-z-format> <!-- formatted using java decimal format, ie #,###	 -->

    <!-- General Chart Formatting Propeties -->
	<chart-background type="color">#FFffff</chart-background>
	<plot-background type="color">#ffffff</plot-background>

	<!--  X-Axis properties (domain)-->
	<domain-title>Domain Title</domain-title>

	<!--  Y-Axis properties (range) -->
	<range-title>Range Title</range-title>

	<!-- Specify the color palette for the chart -->