These are prototype features and APIs that I want get feedback on so that they can bake with community involvement.

This release contains:

This release is designed to work with V3.6 and V3.7 of the BI Server. All these features are delivered with plugins.

I am providing these features to gather feedback on their usefulness, completeness, design, usability etc. I have only made brief efforts to knock off the ugliness that typically affects prototype features.

The zip file contains a PDF with more documentation.

I will work to get the source code available.



Click here for everything (3MB)

Click here for documentation

Source Code

The server side source and plug-in files are here: svn://

The build.xml does not package the plug-ins yet. I've been running the 'jar' task and manually creating the plug-in folders.

Support and Other Gnarly Topics

I don’t believe that using any of these features will result in catastrophic system failure or data loss. Backing-up is a good idea. Don’t come crying to me if you didn’t.

Do not call Pentaho support with any questions or issues about these features.

These features are not localized.

CDA & PAT etc

As regards the data-related community projects like CDA and PAT:

The metadata service and samples provided here are not intended to be an alternative or competitor to these projects. I would like to merge the metadata service with CDA and use a single-common result set format. Personally I prefer Javascript objects over JSON, but JSON is certainly nice for the transport.

It would be nice to have a consistent API for metadata and queries for OLAP and relational sources. I'd also like an abstraction so that CDF components can deal with a single API for data.

I'll update this page once the source code is available.

Anyway, feedback welcome.