There a couple of supported plugins, developed by our partner IT-Novum

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Further options for loading data from SAP including SAP ECC (ERP), SAP BW (SAP BI), SAP CRM, HANA

Most users know the file based option to create a text file (prepared by ABAP programms) and load this data with the CSV Input step, but there are other ways:

Transferring data to SAP BW (SAP BI)

There are two main options to load data to SAP BW:

  1. Create a flat file (fixed or CSV file) and follow the procedures documented in Data Transfer from Flat Files (suitable for larger amounts of data).
  2. Create a XML file and use a SOAP service via the HTTP step and follow the procedures documented in SOAP-Based Transfer of Data (suitable for regularly supplying SAP BW with limited amounts of data for each call). see also XML DataSource (BW DataSource with SOAP Connection)