This page will provide you with information and links to resources to help get you started integrating your Data Quality platform with Pentaho Data Integration.  Our goal is to provide you with the best possible platform for leveraging your data quality services in the greater context of ETL and Data Integration workflows.  We do not have any specific recommendations as to whether you keep your integration work open source or proprietary, but we will gladly support you in building community, feedback and contributions should you choose to open source your integration work.

Getting Started

If you are brand new to Pentaho Data Integration, we suggest you begin by downloading PDI and going through the Getting Started Guide which is linked to on the welcome page when you launch the PDI designer (Spoon). The Getting Started Guide will take you approximately 60-90 minutes to go through and it will introduce you to designing and running PDI Transformations and Jobs. You can download PDI from one of the following locations:

Enterprise Edition (30 day free evaluation) - http://www.pentaho.com/download/
Community Edition - http://sourceforge.net/projects/pentaho/files/Data%20Integration/

Pentaho Data Integration consists of two distinct document types - Jobs and Transformations:

Designing jobs and transformations is a visual exercise where designers build the flows from a design palate of building blocks, 'Job Entries' in the case of jobs, and 'Steps' in case of transformations. Job Entries and Steps are built upon a pluggable architecture which allows you to create new steps that wrap your services into a Job or Transformation flow.

Writing Your Own PDI Plugin

All PDI plugins are written in Java. In most cases, plugin developers will begin by looking at an existing plugin which provides similar functionality to the plugin you plan to develop and using it as a basis or guideline for how to implement your own plugin. Here are some useful links for Java Developers:

If you get stuck at any point or would like to reach out to our technical team for guidance, feel free to contact one of the following:

Highlighting Your Solutions

We are very interested in highlighting your integration work with Pentaho. Here are just a few potential options to build visibility to your solutions: