This page will serve as the central location for organizing integration efforts between Pentaho Data Integration and a number of Data Quality platforms provided by our technology partners.

Integrating Data Quality Solutions with Pentaho

Data Quality as it relates to BI and Data Integration refers to the processes and technologies involved in ensuring the conformance of data values to business requirements and acceptance criteria.  Poor Data Quality can have a significant negative impact on business performance in many areas including:

Your ETL and Data Integration infrastructure is a natural place to integrate data quality best practices and technologies to validate that the data currently have is clean and to act as a 'data quality firewall' ensuring that as new data enters the system, it also is conforms to the quality standards of the business.

Pentaho Data Integration provides a highly scalable and extensible platform for addressing all of your ETL and Data Integration needs, and its pluggable architecture is a natural fit for integrating with industry leading Data Quality solutions from a variety of technology partners.  The sections that follow describe several such active integration projects between Pentaho Data Integration and products for industry leaders in the Data Quality space.

Highlighted Technology Partners

Information for Technology Partners

Integrating with Pentaho Data Integration - If you are a software provider in Data Quality space and interested in integrating your solution with Pentaho Data Integration, this page will provide with information and links to resources that will help get you started.