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Chord diagrams are useful for exploring relationships between groups of entities.  They have been heavily adopted by the biological scientific community for visualizing genomic data, but they have also been featured as part of infographics in numerous publications including Wired, New York Times, and American Scientist.

Cool Examples Around the Web

Wired Magazine - chord diagram analyzing the relationships between characters in the TV series Lost.

American Scientist - chord diagram featured on the cover illustrating the sequencing of the dog genome.

New York Times - chord diagram illustrating the names dropped during presidential debates throughout the Democratic and Republican debates leading up to the 2008 election.

Get Started

Step 1: Download the plugin

Step 2: Follow the simple instructions for adding the plugin to your existing Pentaho BA Server
Step 3: Get Creative - explore your data, build cool stuff, amaze your friends and co-workers!

These visualizations are provided for demonstration purposes ONLY. They are provided with no warranty or commitments regarding the quality of the sample and/or platform support. Many of the underlying charting libraries used in these samples only work on a subset of browsers that are part of Pentaho's official support matrix.

Working With Chord Diagrams


  1. Drag one or more attributes into the "Item 1" and "Item 2" shelves in the layout panel
  2. Drag the measure you want to use for analyzing the relationship between items into the measure shelf

  • Hover over an attribute to highlight the relationships for that member
  • Click to select one or more attributes to use for filtering
  • Double-click to drill down on hierarchical dimensions

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