Helpful Scripts, Commands, etc. for Working with Hadoop Configurations:

Set your shim (finds and sets active.hadoop.configuration to the provided argument):

find . -wholename "pentaho-big-data-plugin/" -exec sed -i "s/(active.hadoop.configuration=)(.)/\1$1/g" {} \;

Find the active shim (find and print the value of active.hadooop.configuration):

find . -wholename "pentaho-big-data-plugin/" -exec ls {} \; -exec grep -o "active\.hadoop\.configuration=0-9A-Za-z-" {} \; | cut -f2 -d=

Alias to find the shims directory and change your current directory to it:

alias goshims="cd \`find . -wholename \"*pentaho-big-data-plugin/hadoop-configurations\"\`"