The purpose of this wiki page and the team behind it is to get a handle on the proliferation of SVN folders and C.I. and Release projects.


  1. The ramp-up cost to platform development is too high in part due to the large number of Eclipse projects. It feels unwieldy and complex.
  2. Regarding platform plugins, we do not want to wind up with every new feature winding up in a plugin when it really belongs as part of the core platform
  3. The rich dependency structure and shear number of projects in the CI environment make it difficult to maintain
  4. Releasing the platform requires an orchestration of project/module release builds. We do not want to arbitrarily increase complexity here by adding new projects where they need not exist.

Team Members

Marc Batchelor - Chief Engineer, Pentaho
James Dixon - CTO, Pentaho
Doug Moran - VP Community, Pentaho
Will Gorman - Lead Engineer, Pentaho
Aaron Phillips - Engineer, Pentaho
Thomas Morgner - Chief Architect (Reporting), Pentaho



We need to ensure that our new policy does not leave us in a worse place. We also want to keep in mind the reasons why we have chosen in the past to either consolidate or modulize projects (anyone have a better word than modulize?, if so pls replace). There are valid reasons for both and we should make those reasons known.

Guidelines for the new policy:

The decision on how far to modularize has a technical impact to:


Modularization: Pro's & Con's