Calendar Chart

Sales by Day

A Calendar Chart is a Heatmap-like visualization where the values are visualized as colored cells per day. Days are arranged into columns by week, then grouped by month and years to form a heatmap in the layout of a calendar.

Get Started

Step 1: Download the plugin

Step 2: Follow the simple instructions for adding the plugin to your existing Pentaho BA Server
Step 3: Get Creative - explore your data, build cool stuff, amaze your friends and co-workers!

These visualizations are provided for demonstration purposes ONLY. They are provided with no warranty or commitments regarding the quality of the sample and/or platform support. Many of the underlying charting libraries used in these samples only work on a subset of browsers that are part of Pentaho's official support matrix.

Working With Calendar Charts



  1. Drag the time related attributes into the layout panel
    Note: You can either place a date field in the Date shelf, or you can drag individual Year/Month/Day attributes into the corresponding shelves.  When using the individual Year/Month/Day attributes, you minimally need to provide a Year and a Month.
  2. Drag a measure into the 'Color By' shelf indicating the measure by which you want to color code the month(s) or day(s).  Colors will be assigned by default in a gradient pattern from Green (highest value) to Yellow to Red (lowest value).
  3. Drag a measure into the 'Size By' shelf indicating the attribute you want to base the size of the circles on.
    Note: You don't need to assign both a 'Color By' and a 'Size By' attribute, you can assign either/or/both.

  • Click on one or more circles in the calendar chart to filter data using the fly-out filtering bar (Keep Only|Exclude|Clear Selections)
  • The follow chart properties are provided to further refine your visualizations:
    • Pattern - selecting the Gradient pattern will color values using a smooth range of colors along the color range specified by the 'Color' chart property. The step options plot all values using one of 3 or 5 colors according to the 'Color' property
    • Color - select the color range to use for color coding the values on the chart
    • Reverse colors - check to reverse the color range.  For example, instead of Green (highest value)|Yellow|Red (lowest value), check the box to color values by Green (lowest value)|Yellow|Red (highest value)

Tell Us What You Think

We're having lots of fun experimenting with various emerging visualization technologies and we would love to get your feedback.  Here are a couple of ways you can share:

Known Limitations