Pentaho Data Integration Version 2.x without problems in Windows 2000.

Pentaho Data Integration 3.x

...does not start since we added more functionality and more jar files. This leads to a longer classpath and there is a smaller limit of the command line in Windows 2000 then in newer Windows versions.

The solution is simple:

Please see also:

Another problem in such old systems can be: you have a too old Internet Explorer that is used to display our welcome page. When you experience a problem that Spoon starts but crashed without a warning than this can be the issue. Update your Internet Explorer to at least Version 6, see:

Last but not least since upcoming 3.1: When you get an error like "org.eclipse.swt.SWTException: Unable to load graphics library [GDI+ is required] (java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError)" download the GDI+ redistributeable from here When you trust, you can only download gdiplus.dll e.g. from and copy into Windows / System32.

Pentaho Data Integration 4.x

... who really needs a solution with 4.0 and Windows 2K, the circumventions are shown on this page and in PDI-559 but Kettle.exe is removed from the distribution.