ACTION ITEM: Get presentation slides from attendees; post to Meetup wiki page.

Jens: ActiveX to Java; SAP Connector Overview

Rob (Red Dolphin): XML-SAX Input Performance

ACTION ITEM: Issues came up regarding the encoding of the XML files - we need to be sure their is a JIRA case for validating or ensuring correct processing of double byte or extended character sets when natively entered into the XML file. Also, action sequence editor also has issues handling XML files that include extended characters - the server will process the action sequence, it is valid XML, but action sequence editor will reject the file as invalid.

Luc: Scrum and Agile

MINGLE - Manages SCRUM projects well.

ACTION ITEM: Good idea to fly Luc to Orlando to have him work with our sprint\build processes for outside input.

Giovanni: ETL Case Studies

Julian: Mondrian Scema Changes and Roadmap

Matt: Kettle and Metadata

Tom: Pet Projects

Ben: How to Document Kettle ETL

Andrea: Statistical BI

Ingo & Pedro: Community Dashboard Framework

Thomas: Pentaho Reporting