Pentaho now hosts a Hudson instance for continuous integration feedback to the community. The url is
The platform builds all types of code projects including actual product builds (generating zip & tar.gz files) as well as libraries (generating jar files).

Here's what the CI environment provides:

How do I find what I'm looking for?

Use the tabs to narrow down your search by project group, then find the name of the Hudson job based on these naming rules:

If the project you are looking for produces a library or reusable component...
In other words if it is not a product in itself, the Hudson job will be named the same as the SVN basename minus any leading "pentaho". For example, if you are looking for Pentaho's commons connections project build, you would look for pentaho-connections, which is the SVN folder for this project, trimming off the pentaho prefix to wind up with connections.

If the project you are looking for produces an actual product...
The Hudson job will be named the abbreviated official product name in all caps. For example, if you need a build of the BI Server, look for BI-SERVER. If you looking for Report Designer, check out PRD.