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IVY is the dependency resolver tool of choice for Pentaho projects.

  • .ivy2/cache - IVY will cache downloaded artifacts on your disk here in order to minimize downloads.
  • .ivy2/local - Developers have the option of publishing to their local repository during a build, e.g. ant publish-local. The directory .ivy2/local is that hierarchical, file-based repository.

The common_build.xml Ant script requires custom and third-party Ant libraries in order to run all targets, however it does not require that the user have these pre-installed. Common build is able to bootstrap itself by intelligently fetching libraries as needed. When common build fetches such a library, it will store it in a well-known directory, .pentaho_build_cache, and not attempt to retrieve it again as long so it is available there.

  • .pentaho_build_cache - root directory where all common build dependencies are maintained
  • .pentaho_build_cache/tmp - temporary sandbox used by common build

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