Step 0
    * Run the old build - this will give you a good clue of the items
      you are trying to reproduce (and make sure it works)

Step 1
  Move the existing build files to dev_build
    * build.xml

  Update the old build.xml (dev_build.xml) to use the

Step 2
    * Change the eclipse bin directory to eclipse-bin

Step 2
  Copy the following files from another project (like bi-platform-api)
    * build.xml
    * common_build.xml
    * ivysettings.xml
    * ivy.xml

Step 3
  Update the file
    * Update the settings as defined in the

Step 4
  Run a compile target - it should work since we aren't getting the new jars
  and the old jars should still exist in the lib directory.

What do i put in the conf attribute of my dependency in ivy.xml?

The following are the standard IVY configurations Pentaho projects should use:

You can follow this flowchart to help figure out what configuration your jar file belongs in: