pentaho.war and pentaho.ear

The pentaho_j2ee_deployments-<version>.zip will build two different kinds of archives - .war file or .ear file. The .ear file has all of the files necessary for the Pentaho platform demo and samples to run successfully in the application server. The .war file only contains the Pentaho web application, under which case there is more work for you after you deploy the Pentaho .war file. The archives will be configured to run against hsqldb (hypersonic), mysql5, postgresql 8, and/or oracle10g. To do this, we must configure a number of files with the HOST and PORT of your database, including:

The build will make these replacements based upon values that it finds in the build.properties file. Specifically, the build will be looking for the following properties:

Without modification, these properties are set to their defaults:

Here's how to do it:

1. Download and unpack the pentaho_j2ee_deployments-<version>.zip file into a working directory. For our examples here, we will use D:\work.
2. Decide which archive you want to build:

3. Open a terminal window (*nix) or command prompt (Windows).
4. Change directory to the work directory where you unzipped the deployment bundle.
5. Execute the Ant command that is appropriate for the archive of your choice.

The command will be:

ant <ant_target>

where <ant_target> is one of the following:

So, for example, if you wanted to build a .war file for Tomcat on Windows, the command would look similar to this:

D:\work> ant war-pentaho-tomcat-hsqldb

Wait for the build script to finish. The resulting .ear or .war file can be found under the /build/pentaho-wars/<appserver> subdirectory, which is created in your work directory.

pentaho-style.war and sw-style.war

If you are deploying the platform as a .war file, you may be missing some other key components - the pentaho-style.war, the steel-wheels-style.war, and the pentaho-portal-layout.war. For the sake of easy and maintainable style customization, we have moved the content styling for the platform into the separate styles web application.

No need to worry about this if you built and deployed an .ear file - the .ear package includes all extra web resources that the platform needs.

So all you need to do here is simply deploy the pentaho-style.war, the steel-wheels-style.war, and the pentaho-portal-layout.war. into the same application server along side the platform.

Execute the following command:

ant zip-pentaho-style-war

And when that's finished, execute the following command:

ant zip-pentaho-steel-wheels-style-war

And when that's finished, execute the following command:

ant zip-pentaho-portal-layout-war

You can find all of the wars/ears in the following path, /work/build/pentaho-wars

Now that you have built the appropriate archive for your application server, you can deploy the platform. Deployment procedures are going to be specific to the application server that you use, which we assume you are already familiar.

If you have any problems getting the platform deployed, post your dilemma in our discussion forum at http://forums.pentaho.org and chances are someone has found a solution or can help find one. Post your successes too, and how you managed it!

You can build everything at once and just use what you need. To do this just run:

ant build-all